Decluttering your home, apparently it's on trend.

by on 17th April 2017

Decluttering your West Yorkshire home can add value. Yes it can. How? Let us explain. We've all been there - that stark, empty house when the removal company are carrying in furniture, beds and white goods for you to watch aghast at the disappearing space. Space really does appear to be the final frontier. Decluttering though is apparently all the rage (we've read three articles Read more…

Leeds leads the northern cities - or does it?

by on 12th April 2017

As Leeds estate and letting agents, we posed a question status on our Facebook page asking this: Out of four northern cities: Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle Upon Tyne, which city centre has the highest average property price? Everybody, practically, went all Manc and opted for our drizzly Pennine neighbour. But you know what? They were wrong. Wrong of course if you Read more…

Why this Leeds estate agency has gone social.

by on 12th April 2017

We live in 2017, a time when young and old are glued to tablets and smartphones to such an extent that drivers using mobile phones face punitive penalties if caught. We're not here, as a leading independent Leeds estate agency, to discuss the whys and wherefores of the law, but rather to look at why we at Hogan's have embraced the smartphone and tablet age. We know, that if you're looking Read more…

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