Should you choose a 2 bedroomed or 3 bedroomed property?

by on 1st October 2019

We posted a status on our active Facebook and Twitter channel recently asking this very question: should you buy or invest in a 2 bedroomed or 3 bedroomed home?

In high density areas of populations, like the suburbs we serve like Burmantofts, Harehills, Gipton and Beeston, it’s not always possible to add a single or double storey extension to a home as space is often at a premium.

If you want to live or invest in Leeds city centre, your choice generally is 1 or 2 bedrooms, with 3 bedrooms being in penthouse and Monopoly money.

All things being equally though, our advice is to look at 2 bedroomed properties and those with 3 bedrooms. If you see extension potential in a 2 bed home, you have to weigh up those costs and the ROI (return on investment). Your property you see has something called a “ceiling price”. It is a level for a street and postcode that has a limit.

If a street in East End Park has an average selling price for a 2 bedroomed property of, for example, £92,500, with a 3 bedroomed achieving £104,000 hypothetically, you would be hard pressed to extend that £92,500 home for just over 11k.

You need to do your homework.

There is no doubt that 3 bedroomed properties in Leeds and elsewhere are in greatest demand.

But the difference in price nationally is vast: on average you pay £69,000 more for a 3 bedroomed home, or a 29% premium.

There is higher demand though as there is greater flexibility in a 3 bedroomed property, as On the Market state:

 “Upgrading to a decent sized three-bedroom family home has long been the aspiration of homeowners.

“They are a practical choice for growing families and young couples who want to guarantee themselves a future-proof purchase.

“But with popularity comes hefty premiums even while the housing market remains generally static.”

If you’re looking for an accurate valuation on your 2 or 3 bedroomed home in Leeds with expert market advice on upsizing, contact Hogan’s today.


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