Why IKEA can be a landlord’s best friend.

by on 19th March 2019

The very word IKEA may fill you with trepidation at the thought of queuing for parking or Swedish meatballs, or you may thoroughly enjoy going there. Who knows? What we can say to you, with some certainty, as a homeowner, a tenant or a landlord, is that it can be a good place to fit and furnish your home on a budget.

First things first – getting there. It’s only about a 20 minute drive to Birstall from east Leeds and once there you can browse the giant store at your leisure, letting delivery take care of your order from £3.95 to £39, dependent on size, and you can pay for assembly if flat pack gives you nightmares.

What’s unusual as a bonus is IKEA’s generous 365 day return policy, a whole year, unless, of course it’s a leap year?

Landlords often consider IKEA for furniture, fixings and fittings. Not only are prices competitive but guarantees are generous.

Mattresses for example have a 25 year warranty.

There’s other things to recommend too about IKEA – like the interest free credit option.

Their website clearly states that you can spread the cost over 12 months when spending £600, 24 months with £1200 and 36 months with £1800 or more.

This last payment schedule is probably most realistic for the HMO or portfolio landlord as a 4 bedroomed property could require that sort of investment. 

IKEA furniture, fixings and fittings can not only be cost-effective but do have a certain minimalist style that will probably appeal to tenants. You may be able to command a higher rent for a HMO property that is kitted out stylishly and attract more viewings. Not only that – but if you make the accommodation and its fittings more pleasant, you will perhaps find tenants stay longer. 

The final reason IKEA may be classed as a landlord’s best friend are the opening hours – 12 hours every day, apart from Sunday. 

You can easily complement pieces from IKEA with other fittings to create a unique style.

Where else would you recommend?

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