Under 100 days to Christmas!

by on 17th September 2018

Can you believe Christmas is approaching?

Like us, you’ve probably seen supermarkets getting seasonal aisles in shape and wondered why when it’s still so warm.

But bear with us as three months is a typical selling time for property.

The housing market is never a predictable one, but what we can safely say each year at this time as summer heat recedes, is that many home sellers choose September, as they want to be in their new property by Christmas.

So with the clock ticking its annual countdown to Christmas, what do you need to do if you want to be in your new home before you can say “Why are there only orange and strawberry creams left in this tub?”

Step One: get in touch with  Hogan’s to meet so we can discuss your plans and your timescales. You choose the date and time for your convenience. 

Step Two: meet and greet us. We don’t turn up with contracts, tape measures and cameras to coerce you into selling there and then. Time though is at a premium and it’s important to act quickly if you want Boxing Day to be unboxing day. We don’t get paid either until you exchange and complete which makes us super-motivated!

Step Three: prepare for viewings. We can’t overstate this enough. When your house is on the market with Hogan’s in Leeds,  you’ve got a launch with premium photography, prominent listings on our website, social media channels, Rightmove.  Your property will attract maximum attention and the first fortnight is crucial in any sale – and particularly one where you’re planning to jump doorsteps before Christmas. Prepare for viewings. Keep your family in a state of alert so that when we ring you, you don’t have to delay because you need to give the property a full day of cleaning.

Be prepared – like that goat in “Hoodwinked.”

Step Four: wait for offers. If your house is presented well in marketing terms and priced accurately, it will sell. The cheapest estate agent remember is the one who gets the most money for your property. Remember too we have the most properties of any agents in east Leeds.

Step Five: instruct a conveyancing team. There’s a reason why new developments particularly encourage you to instruct solicitors early on – they want you to complete as they have time-defined targets – that may be as short as six weeks. That timescale is possible if you tick every box to make the sale work. You may not manage six weeks, eight weeks, but ten weeks is eminently possible and that will leave you with plenty of time to move in to your new address.

If you would like any more advice on buying or selling at this time of year, or in the future, Hogan’s are here to help you. 

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