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by on 11th February 2018

House prices, as you probably know, vary massively across Leeds. The northern suburbs of Roundhay, Headingley and the city centre itself command average prices double or triple that of other suburbs.

The city centre, for example, has average sold prices of almost £200,000, twice that of Harehills.

There’s pockets though of Leeds, away from the city and northern extremes, that are seeing average sold prices rising to above east Leeds and that place is Middleton.

Hence the Madness inspired title.

What does Rightmove make of Middleton, south Leeds?

Most of the sales in Middleton over the past year were semi-detached properties which on average sold for £133,259. Terraced properties had an average sold price of £113,857 and flats averaged at £87,075.

Middleton, with an overall average price of £128,394 was cheaper than nearby Leeds (£195,307), Rothwell (£201,499) and Tingley (£200,901).

In the past year house prices in Middleton were similar to the year before and 4% down on 2008 when they averaged at £133,767.

We asked Adam Parkin to unravel these statistics when we talked on Friday and he offered some great insights:

Most of the housing stock around our Harehills office that we sell or let locally are terraced homes which were built in Leeds as workers’ homes in the Victorian era with easy access to industry and the city centre. Middleton is further out – only four miles – but Harehills is just a mile away from the city. Middleton, so named as it’s halfway between Morley and Rothwell, has higher prices and more sold semi-detached properties, though it has older terraced properties such as the workers’ cottages in Town Street, which were part of the Brandling estates, as seen below:

It’s an area too that is attracting a lot of interest with our Online Plus model and the ongoing Regeneration work there.

Stephen Thorpe adds:

We get asked about properties for sale and to let in Middleton repeatedly and if you know someone looking to sell or let their property there, we have a growing database of buyers and investors. Ask them to ring us at anytime.

Want to know what your property is worth for sale or to let in Middleton, Beeston, Harehills or any other part of Leeds, call Adam now on 0113 887 8455 

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