What’s the housing market like in Harehills?

by on 16th September 2017

A few weeks ago, we posted an old photo of Harehills from 1897 when the area was being developed. The photo characterised it as a Leeds suburb of terraced homes and indeed little has changed since.

In this latest article, we look at Harehills, just as we did with Beeston in an editorial some time ago.

If you’re familiar with Leeds, you’ll know some basics about the area. It sits between the A58 and A64 in East Leeds, neighboured by Burmantofts, Gipton and Chapeltown. Its proximity of just 1 mile to the city centre makes it a popular area for buyers and investors.

Harehills, as the name suggests, is set on a slope and at its centre is Banstead Park.

Its name actually is said to derive from hãr meaning grey, rather than hares. It became fully established as a settlement in 1906, the start of the Edwardian era and has seen regeneration and investment in recent years.

So what’s happening with property in Harehills, an area we know well, as our main office serves the community on Harehills Lane.

Let’s get this fact out of the way quickly, with words from Stephen Thorpe, our Director: “We sell property in Harehills and other parts of Leeds quickly. It’s not because we undervalue. It’s because we have an extensive database of qualified purchasers and investors.When we list a property for sale or let in Harehills, demand is always high.”

That’s a fact

As we are typing this, there are currently 162 properties for sale in the area, with 82 sold or under offer – just over 50%.

It’s easy to see why properties are in demand with these average prices, which actually increased 7% from 2016.

  • Terraced properties sell on average for £83,147.
  • Semi-detached homes for £125,872.
  • Detached houses command an average selling price of £157,499.
  • Harehill’s overall average sold price is £96,293.

Given that 50% of housing stock is sold in Harehills by a range of estate agents, our figures may be of interest.

Hogan’s currently have 35 properties listed for sale in Harehills, with 22 being sold and just 13 available.

In percentage terms, that equates to 63% of stock sold. The remaining 13 are attracting interest and offers too, which means that number will increase rapidly in coming days and weeks.

If you want an online valuation of your property in Harehills, other parts of Leeds or indeed across West Yorkshire, call or email us now.

Hogan’s will sell or let your property and fast.

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