Gone in 60 Seconds or The Fast and The Furious?

by on 26th October 2018

Sometimes, we at Hogan’s are victims.

Victims of our own success.

Let’s explain.

If you’re a fan of the two movies named in the title, you may guess where this is leading? Or you may not?

We have several business ambitions and all are centred on property, not cars – and your property.

We aim to sell your home for the highest price possible in the shortest time frame for a competitive fee with exceptional customer service.

Same with lets.

And that’s why we’re victims.

We do both well.

So well that the amount property we have for sale and to let decreases weekly, because in so many cases, a house listed with us is sold or rented out immediately.

Not quite 60 seconds, but not 60 days. Many are gone in a few hours or days.

That’s what we’re good at.

How do we manage that?

We have local experts who know areas property prices intimately. They’ve been listing and selling properties for decades locally and know how to best value a property to complete its goal – selling it quickly.

We have a vast email database, a huge social media following, with over 4000 followers on our Facebook page alone.

When we hit live on a property, it all goes fast and furious. Thousands and thousands will see your home, its photos, its description and location immediately on social media, our website and Rightmove.

This is why we’re different though and this is why we think you should use Hogan’s to sell your property, or someone who you may know who is looking to sell. 

Property sales don’t go into a corporate pot to be distributed amongst shareholders. We don’t ask for payment upfront and refuse to reimburse if your property won’t sell. We don’t spend millions on TV advertising.


We work and are based in Harehills.

We know the property market well in east Leeds from Burmantofts to East End Park to Seacroft through to Middleton, Beeston, Holbeck and beyond.

That’s what makes us different.

We are a local family company who put the customer first. Not waffle, but fact, based on authentic reviews.

If you know someone in Leeds who is considering selling or letting their property imminently, send them our way, knowing that your recommendation is a good one. 

And a closing quote from The Fast and The Furious:

Brian: I just need some more time.

FBI Officer: If you want time, buy the magazine!



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