What are your must-haves for property?

by on 16th July 2018

Last week, we posted a Facebook update from the news that revealed the top 20 things home buyers now demand and it provoked a lot of interest. If you scroll down this article, you can see the full list, or if you like our Facebook page, you will read more property and Leeds facts daily.

Number one was central heating and perhaps this is hardly surprising. Given the current heatwave, perhaps in future, we will see air-conditioning added to the list as if you buy a new car, it’s standard on most. Central heating is standard in most houses too, we reckon, but an efficient central heating system is still seen as necessary by home buyers – is it for you?

Second is double glazing – again, a feature that is often a given in properties, but still valued. Not only does double glazing keep houses warmer in winter, it keeps them cooler in summer especially if fitted with Low E glass which refracts heat. Double glazing also makes a house quieter – noise from roads and other ambient sounds are largely eliminated. Security too is better with double glazing – which forms point 3.

Gardens are still seen as desirable too by home hunters. Many like a south or west facing plot, but here’s a tip for house hunters – the most efficient homes to buy are those that face east or west. You get morning and evening sun and wind force is much lower than in a south-north home.

In fifth place is something that would never had made the list 10 years ago or perhaps 5 years ago – fast broadband for streaming. When you can get 4G on smartphones outside the home, with 5G on the horizon, home buyers expect faster speeds indoors with fibre optic broadband. Indeed, it’s something property viewers often ask the team at Hogan’s – what’s the WiFi like here?

We will let you scroll the list, but leave on this point – out of the 20, which would you rate most highly and are there any other house features you’d include?


Property for sale must have features – the newest top 20 things buyers demand:

1. Central heating – 82 per cent

2. Double glazing – 80 per cent

3. Secure doors and windows – 74 per cent

4. A garden – 69 per cent

5. A good, reliable broadband connection sufficiently strong to stream films and TV – 59 per cent

6. Plenty of electrical sockets – 59 per cent

7 Local shops and amenities – 58 per cent

8. A driveway or dedicated parking space – 53 per cent

9. A reliable, clear mobile phone signal – 53 per cent

10. A good energy efficiency rating – 52 per cent

11. At least 2 toilets – 52 per cent

12. Friendly neighbours – 51 per cent

13. A bath tub – 50 per cent

14. A shower cubicle – 49 per cent

15. Cavity wall insulation – 46 per cent

16. A living room big enough for a large, flat screen TV – 42 per cent

17. A garage – 41 per cent

18. A dining room – 40 per cent

19. A landline telephone – 39 per cent

20. A new boiler or central heating system – 37 per cent

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