Leeds, the next Venice of the north?

by on 6th November 2017

We always knew Leeds was a cosmopolitan city what with its 85 languages marking its cultural diversity, with the 10 most spoken languages after English (or Yorkshire?) being:

But now we may be able to add Italian as Leeds has a free water taxi.

Yes you read that right – Leeds has a free water taxi – well two if you demand precision, called Twee and Drie. You can read more here.

We think this is pretty cool, except it has limitations – you can only travel from and to Granary Wharf and Leeds Dock, which does rather limit its usefulness, don’t you agree?

But it opens up, at least to us and our imaginations, all sorts off possibilities.

The Headrow could be made into a Grand Canal and we could all surf, row or be ferried down there whilst eating gelato.

York Road, the A64, could be submerged with a series of aqueducts replacing bridges and Seacroft to Leeds city centre could have a Venetian appeal?

We could all begin to learn Italian to completely assimilate with Venice?

Quanto a Seacroft – how much to Seacroft?

Va bene il nostro bambino – Alright, our kid?

Avere ragione – Be reet.

Hai qualche programma di questo pomeriggio – Yupto s’aft?

Che è meglio vendere la mia casa a Leeds – Who’s best to sell my house in Leeds?

We think this idea of waterways across Leeds could catch on and in 10 years’ time, we could be picking up the phone and saying:

Ciao è Hogan a Harehills, come possiamo aiutarci? Hello it’s Hogan’s in Harehills, how can we help?

Want to test us?

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